Wednesday, August 26, 2009

WWATN: Just Another 90s Child Star MIA...

The other day Best Week Ever made a comparison of Zac Efron's new hairdo to Full House's Derek Boyd. For half a second I had to stop and think: Which one was Derek again? Then once I remembered he was the singing, tap-dancing, metrosexually coiffed before that was a real thing little friend of Michelle's, I thought: "I wonder what he's doing these days." So I decided to look it up and find out! See, the internet can be very useful!
Blake McIver Ewing made quite a name for himself in the nineties on Full House, in the big screen adaptation of The Little Rascals (in which he played a singing, dancing, metrosexual rich kid who was trying to steal Darla, the talent show, and the soap box derby trophy from Alfafa), as well as voicing Menlow in ABC's Recess. In the early 2000s, he voiced a character in Hey Arnold! and then enrolled in UCLA. There have been some rumors floating around that he had a cameo (as a choir member) in one scene in Raising Helen and also that he wrote a song for Teen Witch: The Musical. More likely, though, he's singing and auditioning for theater out in LA. Maybe I'll even run into him at the Pantages one day!

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