Monday, September 28, 2009

MMFATA: Dexter Morgan...

Not Michael C Hall but Dexter Morgan himself.

The blood evidence expert from Miami's crime lab has always been so good at leading a double life he's seemed more like a robot than a real human being. Last year, when I recapped the third season for this blog, I even affectionately nicknamed him Dex-Bot because of this. But after he became engaged to single mom Rita and she got pregnant with his child, his character actually seemed to evolve in a way that is usually reserved for little boys who are learning how to be men. He began to develop genuine feelings for those in his life, which threatened his second job as a vigilante. Now that it's months after his wedding, and his son is right there in front of him, Morgan has everything to gain but also everything to lose.

Why My Friends Are Talking About Him: Showtime premiered the first episode of the fourth season of their crime drama hit Dexter last night, so naturally that is what everyone is talking about this morning. Things have gotten just a bit more complicated for everyone's unlikeliest of heroes, as his son, now only a few months old, keeps him sleep-deprived and without the free moments he so desperately needs to take the proper care with his victims. Morgan has slipped up with case paperwork in a completely uncharacteristic way, and it has the other cops breathing down his neck. He allowed a perp to walk...right into his chophouse. But as those of you who stuck around for the coming attractions after the credits know, next week things really start to go from rough to worse for Morgan, as he flipped his car after dosing on the road...with his newest victim stuffed into his trunk. Still, Morgan is just going through the motions with his kills, but it appears to be his new and young family that is where he truly comes alive (where it was once the opposite), and that kind of character development is where he, and the show, is most interesting. After all, "Daddy kills people," but the mere fact that the killer is even also a dad now is pretty dynamic in and of itself!

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