Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Supernatural's Top 5 "Super" Season 4 Moments...

Today Supernatural Season 4 hits DVD shelves all across America just days before Season 5 premieres on The CW (Thursdays at 9). In honor of the marathon I am about to embark upon of all twenty-two episodes (with commentary and special features!), here are the Top 5 moments of the season:

#5) Special Guest Star Mitch Pileggi as Grandpapa Winchester in Episode 3 "In The Beginning." New ally Castiel (Misha Collins) sends the brothers (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) back to the 1970s, where they encounter their parents as young hunters in love...sort of. In this episode not only do we get Back to the Future references, but we also learn that it was not actually John (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) who had hunting in his blood, so to speak, this whole time. Pileggi is the stand-out here, as always, as we learn about the very first "deal" the Winchester family had to make with the demons.

#4) Anna gets her wings in Episode 10 "Heaven and Hell." Through the three episode arc of new female Anna (Julie McNiven), fans wondered just what her deal was. It was clear she was actually hearing angels-- and was not simply "crazy," though she was institutionalized in the beginning (after all, we had been seeing angels ever since the premiere of the season!). However, many fans were still wary of whether or not she was a threat to the boys in black...until now when we learned that she was really just a fallen angel who had to find her "grace" before she could leave her human form and return to heaven. A bit far out? Definitely, but after literally watching two B-movie black crow-like wings sprout from Castiel's shoulders in "Lazarus Rising," these white-light moments were simple but realistic FX!

#3) Black and white noir cinematography in Episode 5 "Monster Movie." Though the "thing" the brothers fought in this episode was one we had seen before (a shapeshifter), it was the execution that made this particular episode so unique and favorable. This particular shapeshifter inhabited the images of classic horror images, such as Dracula, which allowed for the Supernatural crew to have fun with traditional make-up, as well as dark shadows (no pun intended) and old-fashioned organ scoring.

#2) Sam faces his own demons in Episode 21 "When The Levee Breaks." This entire episode was poignant and intense for the literal but still extreme look at an addiction, but it was Sam (Padalecki)'s hallucinations while Dean (Ackles) and Bobby (Jim Beaver) kept him locked in a salt-lined cement cell that really took the moment to a new level. All of his fears surfaced from the bowels of his mind-- from Dean calling him a "freak" and a "monster" to seeing himself as a younger boy, disappointed with the man he has become today. It set up an emotional arc for Sam for the final episode of the season, as well as the final season in general, as he chose to keep all of these things to himself.

#1) The "outtake" at the end of Episode #6 "Yellow Fever." While filming a scene in which Dean becomes increasingly paranoid due to a "mystery illness" to which he has fallen victim, Ackles has a little fun with the playback. Did he know cameras were rolling? Perhaps, but the boy is not just a ham; he's a genuine, fun-loving guy who tries to lighten the mood and speed up the day on any set! C'mon guys, you had to see this one coming! Jensen Ackles, the Impala, a classic rock song, and some ass guitar? Did any of the other moments really even have a shot??

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