Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tweeting The Emmys (Finally Getting To The Show!)...

8:03 pm PT Excuse me while I squee over NPH and his dapper white suit. #Emmys

8:06 pm PT The theme for Two & A Half Men, this many years into the show, pretty much already is "Meh" but nice try, NPH Your song still rocked! #Emmys

8:13 pm PT
I don't get the glasses it because pretty women don't usually wear glasses on TV? #Emmys

8:14 pm PT I also don't get how Kristin Chenowith beat Kristen Wiig but I do like the Miss America style facts bout the winners as they take the stage!

8:16 pm PT
Hmm I'm not technically unemployed anymore but I would like to announce that I like 30 Rock, HIMYM, Supernatural & would happily work at any

8:18 pm PT Also GLEE, Community, Old Christine, United States of Tara, Dexter, whom shall I send my resume? ;)

8:21 pm PT I guess Cobie had the baby. How did I miss that? #Emmys

8:21 pm PT It may split hairs when 30 Rock wins against itself, but for the record, THE REUNION was a standout season 3 episode!!

8:24 pm PT I hope those are at least the Globetrotters who are on this season of The Amazing Race! Nice subtle promotion, CBS! #Emmys

8:25 pm PT The "last official year of broadcast TV" would be funny if it wasn't so close to being true! #Emmys

8:25 pm PT
NPH upset at his own gig? He should stage a walkout! #Emmys

8:30 pm PT Made the mistake of clicking over to Yahoo to check email. End of show now ruined for me (know the outcome & don't like it)

8:32 pm PT Oh NPH is still there? I would have hit the parties early and left the work to someone who DID collect gold tonight. #Emmys

8:34 pm PT Mad barked. I looked up from my laptop and saw JT wearing...Tina Fey glasses? I yelled "AAH!" Ryan...woke up. #Emmys

8:35 pm PT I'm just gonna say it now: Toni is very talented but @1capplegate should have taken it this year. Coincidentally she's tomorrow's WMFATA

8:38 pm PT Why are the Gossip Girls there? Does this mean next year we can look forward to Asslee Simpson and Mushy Barton? #Emmys

8:40 pm PT She didn't even start to talk, JT, so the Kanye bit doesn't work. Shot your wad too early aga--oh wait, that was just Andy. #Emmys

8:44 pm PT Bad edit, guys: the winner of American Idol will not be coming right up on CBS, will you @KrisAllen4Real? #Emmys

8:49 pm PT That's...not how most people know Rob Lowe but I guess it's in poor taste to make a sex tape joke w/his underage sons in the audience #Emmys

8:49 pm PT
Why are they "getting all of the comedy out of the way" now? That makes it feel like second fiddle! #Emmys

8:54 pm PT I really, really, REALLY don't find Family Guy funny. Maybe @amandabynes doesn't either & that's why she went to NY today instead of #Emmys

8:55 pm PT Man, Britney new what she was doing when recording "Circus;" it's in EVERY reality TV commercial and montage. CAH-CHING! #Emmys

8:56 pm PT I suddenly wish I had a DVR for this dance break moment. Not even showing clips behind them? No thanks, #Emmys!

9:05 pm PT Was anyone else expecting a "costume change" by now? #Emmys

9:06 pm PT Only an hour in, up to the reality portion, and I'm sorry for blowing up your Twitters. Not much excitement goin' on tonight, folks!

9:15 pm PT Look how far Shohreh Aghdashloo has come: from accusing Grace Adler of racism to winning #Emmys.

9:17 pm PT
I'm not entirely convinced Ken Howard actually knows who Kanye West is. Maybe he just wants to get talked about on blogs. & Twitter. #Emmys

9:22 pm PT
Chandra and Kate are on the Seacrest cam! #Emmys

9:26 pm PT I never thought I'd say this, but Jennifer Love Hewitt looks very classy and "innocent." #Emmys

9:26 pm PT Our first no-show! Thank God; it means one less Kanye joke infused speech!

9:28 pm PT Just b/c the dude before you isn't there to speak doesn't mean you can "take it slowly," Dorritt lady! (What is that? I never saw it) #Emmys

9:29 pm PT Okay but the "three of us in the bed" was a good way to end. #Emmys

9:34 pm PT This new "grouping" format does make double checking my
#Emmys ballot a whole lot easier!

9:46 pm PT
I just realized that the categories I was most invested in were done w/i the first hour. And yet I can't seem to look away... #Emmys

9;51 pm PT This is the best photo you'll see from the #Emmys: RT @EWAusielloFiles - Spotted: Tracy Jordan waiting for his car

9:56 pm PT "I have nothing left to say...well, since George Bush left office." #Emmys

10:15 pm PT Momentarily distracted by videos Ryan found of Kaitlin Olson, Paul F Tompkins, Mary Lynn Rajskub:

10:20 pm PT Holy hell what's wrong with LL Cool J!? Weirdly bent bow tie, and is he wearing eye make-up?? I wish I could make screencaps!

10:21 pm PT Michael Emerson is so soft-spoken I keep waiting for him to slip into creepy Ben voice/stare. #Emmys

10:23 pm PT Sarah McLachlan. That can only mean the In Memoriam package. She only gets called on for sad montages these days. #Emmys

10:29 pm PT Could it be-- gasp-- that the #Emmys are coming in on time? NPH is going to win a statue next year for hosting this year's show for sure!!

10:33 pm PT Oh, I forgot we had to see the CAE no, I'm going to bet the show comes in 7-12 minutes over tonight. #Emmys

10:37 pm PT Good move lady; I'd want to hold the #Emmys, too. Now make sure you get to keep it in YOUR office.

10:43 pm PT
It was just brought to my attention that the In Memoriam skipped Kim Manners. #Emmys fail.

10:49 pm PT
I love Dana Delaney. When she wears glasses to read at big time events, it makes me feel better that I'm afraid of contact lenses. #Emmys

10:50 pm PT "I'm sorry, did I just open the door to the past?" BOTH Lead Drama #Emmys go to the same winners from last year? (cont)

10:50 pm PT Did the voters get lazy b/c it was the end of the ballot? I 'm not judging; I certainly know how they feel; this has been a LONG evening!

10:56 pm PT Could not be more excited for "Liz Lemon" and my own Liz Lemon day! Maybe we should have craft corner where we make our own

10:58 pm PT I'm exhausted, and I've only been "reporting" from my couch. I better start training for next year's
#Emmys in the morning!

11:04 pm PT Wow
#Emmys only 4 minutes over scheduled broadcast time!? As Jeff Margolis would say: better to do a good show than an on-time one! NPH prob agrees!

11:04 pm PT Thanks for following along with my
#Emmys Tourette's moments, Twitterverse. I promise to keep the next days much, much lighter!

Seriously, though, can I have my credentials now??? I promise to deliver more news and less commentary in the future...but considering my posts came hours after the show actually occurred, it was just more fun this way. No one likes to beat a dead horse...except maybe Dr. Horrible!

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