Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tweeting The Emmys (Red Carpet Edition)...

A transcript from my second (successful?) Live Tweeting event: the 61st Annual Primetime Emmys red carpet! Since I'm on the west coast and apparently networks still don't think television is as high profile as film (which is just ironic, really), I had to do this on delay. Maybe next year they will realize the true importance of this awards show...or of me and just allow me into the press tents. Enjoy!

~ 1:00 pm PT Cramming way too much in for a Sunday morning but Emmy coverage starts soon, and tomorrow it's back to the Corporation grind...

~ 4:00 pm PT
It's a beautiful LA afternoon! Wishing I was at the Emmys even if only for the tan I'd get standing on the red carpet for hours!

5:55 pm PT
OMG Jennifer Morrison just said her jewelry was from Cartier (west coast carpet airing). I'm in a real life "Surviving Christmas!" #Emmys

6:05 pm PT
The Fashion 360 camera from E! is not one of a kind or unique; Viacom did this at the MTV Movie Awards back in May. #Emmys

6:07 pm PT
Jay Emmanuel and NeNe Leakes are interviewing Kourtney Kardashian. I'm not really sure why any of them are at the #Emmys.

6:08 pm PT
Tweeting the #Emmys (even though the west is on delay). Hoping y'all will find my outbursts more interesting than who I'm watching w/ does!

6:10 pm PT
Someone buy Ricky Gervais a Mach3; stubble is hot but not at a black tie event! #Emmys

6:13 pm PT
NPH is my hero. Love his "action" Fashion 360 shot. Rockstar! He's already a winner in my eyes. #Emmys

6:18 pm PT
Seriously, this is just B.S. If I look to my Twitter feed, I see all the east coast/live updates. Next year I need to be in the press tent!

6:18 pm PT
Or networks have to put #Emmys on live to west coast like they do Oscars. Ironic how TV networks don't think TV awards are important, huh?

6:21 pm PT @joelmchale IS right. And Seacrest IS 3'4'' Hoping Jason Segel will interview about the Muppet movie. But Seacrest never asks real ?s #Emmys

6:23 pm PT Does anyone else hope @1capplegate takes it home tonight? Vindication for a premature cancellation! Fey will have ample more noms! #Emmys

6:25 pm PT HA! Seth McFarlane kicked off E! for cussing. So @officialkathyg is in good company. #Emmys

6:25 pm PT
Jay Emmanuel can dish out the rude but can't take it, even when @NeNeLeakes is being funny. FIRE HIM. #Emmys

6:27 pm PT "Who's gonna pull a Kanye?" Christina Applegate wonders. My vote's on Kathy Griffin, but in good fun :) Is Kathy there? Haven't seen her yet

6:28 pm PT
W/O my glasses, Alyson Hannigan looks like Kate Walsh. Maybe it's time to go back to Lenscrafters. #Emmys

6:31 pm PT Just in case anyone is wondering who I'M wearing tonight: PJ pants by Gap, oversized tee-shirt by SuperExcellent. A blogger's uniform #Emmys

6:36 pm PT Commercial break (yes, I watch as "live" as I can-- no DVR for me!) to remind you that my Disney D23 auctions have only a few hours left

6:38 pm PT
Jamie Lynn Sigler very clearly HATES Seacrest. Which means that DanielleTBD now very clearly LOVES Jamie. So much more than Meadow! #Emmys

6:46 pm PT Yay Michael J Fox!!! I have to admit I am surprised to learn someone is shorter than Seacrest, though.

6:47 pm PT
Rob Lowe brought his sons as "bodyguards." They claim not to Tweet. If dad wasn't there, I think they'd say otherwise. Cute kids. #Emmys

6:48 pm PT
Oh Kaley, no one believes you're an anything virgin! #Emmys

6:50 pm PT Debra Messing too plain & simple for flashy Jay and NeNe. But they forget she was never a fashion icon. Nor a natural comedy talent

6:53 pm PT
These parody skits are actually kind of funny. "You're fat...your breath smells...but you're still a vampire, so let's just do it." Where's Mehcad???

6:57 pm PT Glad to keep busy during this broadcast or else I'd just be digging through a bag of popcorn and a pint of Ben & Jerrys!

6:59 pm PT Rainn Wilson linking "creativity, spirituality, and philosophy" in his new book. Um...I think that's what every artist does every day

7:00 pm PT No one cares about Jon Hamm's date, Seacrest! We're all imagining our faces floating down the red carpet next to him!

7:14 pm PT How has Guiliana seriously never heard of The Lonely Island? And why can she still be called an ent authority? Why is she even here??

7:15 pm PT What's the point of the autograph cam? So tech geeks can freeze frame and then forge? Good job E! I'll take a check from "Jon Stewart"

7:18 pm PT Screw it, these red carpet questions are dull, and I don't care about Kara. Breaking out the snacks! And where'd @NeNeLeakes go? :(

7:22 pm PT Ryan just announced his love for Mariska Hargitay. So THAT's what it takes to get jaded "artiste" to care about "Hollywood fluff!" ;)

7:26 pm PT Am I the only 1 who heard Seacrest say Jimmy KIMMEL (not Fallon, who was there) & Sarah Silverman? Whatev;don't care bout any of them

7:28 pm PT Dexter's sister is holding his arm (yes, I know their real names!), and I find it creepy.

7:30 pm PT Interesting how The Office had to wait to get 100 eps to hit syndication while lesser favorites got through w/loopholes.

7:31 pm PT I don't watch Family Guy, but Stewie sounds like he's going to end up on SVU in a few years!

7:31 pm PT
Was that an applause track for Mark Wahlberg? Does he travel with his own? #Emmys

7:36 pm PT "You have Got. To See. This dress!" -Wow, Ryan, you've really "out gayed" yourself! Gotta get a little Mean Girls in!

7:39 pm PT What, Jon Cryer-- is that a sweater vest? WHAT? Can anyone believe he was being considered for Sean Flanery's Ten Inch Hero role!?

7:43 pm PT Guiliana talking to Julia Louis-Dreyfus like she doesn't know she has a show. If Wanda Sykes was there, she wouldn't take that B.S! #Emmys

7:46 pm PT #Emmys show hasn't even started yet & pretty sure I scared Ryan right out the door. He and Mad have been on a "walk" for a while now.

7:48 pm PT Hoping to be inspired enough by tonight's talent to actually tackle my own pilots scripts once again... #Emmys

7:56 pm PT 30 ROCK!!!

7:57 pm PT Guiliana just redeemed herself by calling out Seacrest's big head and bigger ego!

7:59 pm PT This Black Eyed Peas song is worse than the Miley one I had in my head for a week. UGH. Bring on NPH!!! #Emmys

If you enjoyed this post but think it would have been better if it was live to the actual events and not live to when they aired in a given time zone, please write into the Academy and push for my media credentials to come through for 2010!!

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