Thursday, September 10, 2009

What Really Makes A Designer?…

Last week my friend Jamie and I were talking about the new season of Project Runway, which coincidentally airs opposite The Real Housewives of Atlanta. She was griping over the fact that in the three episodes that have aired thus far for this season, the special guest judges were three actresses instead of actual people of import in the fashion industry. They hid behind the fact that Lindsay Lohan has a "legging line" and Rachel Bilson does something with flowy tops and sundresses in order to make them seem like some sort of authority. Jamie posed the question of what I thought those who are celebrities-- and usually can't even pick out red carpets outfits on their own!-- actually do when they "become designers." It was a more than valid question, and one I couldn't quite answer. After watching tonight's Real Housewives of Atlanta episode, though, in which Lisa Wu-Hartwell attempts a fashion show of her own line, I think I finally get it. Because if Lindsay and Rachel and so many countless others are anything like Lisa, the answer is that they pick their favorite colors and throw wads of cash around so they can get photographed in front of a media wall.

You know, the more I see of Lisa on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, the more I think she's my least favorite. She is very smart, and that is obvious, but she appears to be that kind of cunning and calculating smart that's just waiting for the right moment to cut you-- whether with words or literally.

Sometime between the eye-opening reunion show from last season, where she showed true venom and her true colors (proving that the nice act she paints on for the Bravo cameras really is no more reality than the strategic planning of ambush phone calls on The Hills), Lisa decided she wanted to do a fashion line, too. Only she doesn't sketch; she doesn't cut; she doesn't sew. So what does she do? She "inspires."

Tonight we learned she doesn't even design the individual pieces! She has a woman to do that for her, don't'cha know? Evelyn Lambert is truly the genius behind Closet Freak, as she is the one who makes the pieces, and apparently comes up with the ideas, too. Lisa is really just the financial backer in this situation; she's the businesswoman with the cash and the connections, only she is stamping her snippy name on everything instead of allowing Evelyn her rightful time to shine. Hell, at least Sheree sat down and verbally explained what she wanted pieces to look like-- even if some of her ideas were a bit misguided!

But NeNe? That girl is more fabulous in every episode! "I'm a ten. I could probably go down to a size eight, but I don't feel like it because I'm f***ing hungry!" LOVE HER!!!

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