Sunday, September 6, 2009

Will There Be A Ladies Edition of "Tool Academy?"...

Because there should be!

Yes, the guys on this show are tools. Simply, they are not-so-bright but very shiny tools who need to shape up and change their behavior (and in some cases, their hair and wardrobe, too). However, the girls could use some help, too.

Lesson #1: Shut it down before you get shut down.

Now, the “it” in this scenario can be a few various things. Whether you want to take it literally and deny your guy some between the sheets action in a sort of “adult timeout” situation, that’s your business. But I suggest you take it completely literally and shut down all contact with him when he is acting in a tool-like or otherwise douchey manner. After all, you have to show him from the get-go that such behavior is not okay and will not be tolerated. Staying by his side as he hands his number out to other girls or screws them in your bed or whatever is an undeserved reward for gross @$$ behavior!

One girl learned the hard way tonight that if you don’t call douchebags out on their behavior, eventually they’ll flip it around and make you look like the real loser. Tonight there was a first on Tool Academy: when the guy got ejected from the house, the girl got ejected from his life. A preemptive move so she couldn’t shut his game down on national (if basic cable) TV? Possibly, but he made her look really, really bad either way.

Oh and one more thing, ladies: please stop hitting your guys. If we don’t tolerate violence towards women, then we shouldn’t tolerate it from them either. After all, it’s a horrible hypocrisy that makes us look even worse if we want our men to communicate but we can’t find a way other than with our fists to communicate right back.

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