Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hottie of the Week: Jessie Pavelka...

I always said if I could afford it, I would hire a personal trainer. Having someone work with me one-on-one and track my progress would be just the motivation I needed to actually succeed at exercising. Moreover, if I was spending the money for it (and Lord knows, it doesn't come cheap these days!), I would have to do it, right?

But after seeing what trainers look like these days, a part of me knows I have to get myself into slightly better shape before even hiring a trainer. I don't want him to see me dripping sweat after thirty minutes on a bike or completely unable to do one hundred crunches in a row without my abs starting to shake, after all! But seeing Jessie Pavelka on Lifetime's weight-loss reality series Diet Tribe, is all the motivation I need to get the ball rolling on exercising on my own so that eventually I can hire him to come work me out so I can use him as my "carrot on the stick" to which I run on the treadmill. 'Cause have you seen him? He's pretty!

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