Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'll Suffer For My Art...

I think I want A.J. Jacobs' career. He spent years working at my favorite magazine, Entertainment Weekly and then he contributed unique essays and freelance pieces to various other entertainment glossies. He turned quite a few of those experiences into full-on books, as well, with "The Guinea Pig Diaries" just being the latest. A collection of individual stories that each could stand alone, "The Guinea Pig Diaries" depicts some of the more unique experiments in which Jacobs has partaken, all in the name of writing and art. One time he outsourced all the mundanity of his life (buying birthday presents, paying bills, even arguing with his wife) to a firm in India; one time he took on the Radical Honesty principals and went without the filter of what he should say/should sugarcoat; and one time he allowed Mary Louise Parker to talk him into posing nude for Esquire magazine.

As someone who always worried about my own writing being repetitive or less than interesting due to the "boring" life I lead, Jacobs has showed me that all I have to do to get crazy stories is throw myself into crazy situations. Though the reaction to the experiment may not always be positive, it's all material nonetheless!

Now that I have been blessed once again with endless time on my hands (at least from the professional perspective), it may just be the perfect opportunity to throw myself headfirst into some unusual (at least for me) situations in order to see if I get any great stories out of them. I already spent last Friday living the lifestyle of my dog: I napped on the couch in the middle of the day, watched the neighbors come home from work on my patio, and existed mainly on water and cookies. The verdict? I didn't really learn anything I didn't already know: if given the chance (i.e. unlimited resources), I would have no problem hanging out at home all day, every day.

I am already working with a charity organization (IBG Inc) in an attempt to tie my two loves: entertainment and giving back. Surely the situations-- both at the events and leading up to them-- are unique and interesting on their own.

However, after finishing Jacobs' sort-of memoir, I found myself looking around and considering so many other possibilities. I could sign up for a yoga workshop, as a friend keeps desperately trying to get me to do; I could volunteer at an animal shelter, even if I risk getting evicted for-- and alienating my own dog by-- bringing home a dozen other dogs; or I could get my real estate license reinstated in this horrible, horrible market.

I could try shopping only at Target for a month and then try shopping only at local "Mom and Pop" type stores for a month to see where I save more money and where I have a better customer experience. I could try allowing The Guy to make all of my decisions for me for a month or a week or however long I could stand before threatening violence (HA!). I could try only communicating in Twitter-length sentences or only through one form of technology.

My possibilities really are endless!

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