Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The OFFICIAL Jensen Ackles HQ Newsletter Needs YOUR Help!...

After 11 (yes, you read that right!) years, a very special issue of "The Official Jensen Ackles Newsletter" was sent around this week. It was supposed to be in honor of the two Jensens on last week's episode entitled "The End," but instead it took a much more somber turn.

You see, after 11 years, something happened to the newsletter's author's listserve, and she lost the majority of the email addresses of those diehard J.R.A. fans who have been following his casting and family news, and reading what other fans had to say about said casting or family news, for the past decade.
Technology fail.

I was one of the lucky ones who's email address managed to be salvaged, so I wanted to pass along the message from the newsletter's author, Beth: if you did not receive the last newsletter and are only learning of it through web postings like this one-- or if you're just a Jensen fan who didn't know about the newsletter and wants to get added now-- please shoot her a quick email at JENSENBABE@verizon.net.

And stay tuned right here to "My Life, Made Possible By Pop Culture" for an exclusive interview with Beth about all things Jensen!!


Carm said...

Your email link does not work and it says that your page does not exist.

danielletbd said...

Copy and past the email address into your email program. I've been having trouble with Google allowing "clickable" email links. Sorry about that!