Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What Is rUnK?...

I know what you're thinking: two music reviews in the same day? Have I stumbled across the wrong website?? Don't fear; "My Life, Made Possible By Pop Culture" is not undergoing a rapid, permanent transformation of any sort. Every now and then, though, I find some diamonds in the rough of new music. Today is one of those days. Today Mams Taylor has released a "lost album," aptly titled "King Amongst Men," and what's more: he released it FOR FREE.

Taylor, who made a name for himself with "L.A. Girls," a music video that received over four hundred thousand hits on YouTube when it was released just last year, has previously released an album of freestyles and mash-ups, entitled "the R-eVoLuTiOn oF rUnK," online. He offers this to fans for free on his website, as well, though he promises a full studio album is coming soon. In Taylor's own words, "King Amongst Men" is is a collection of some of his best hip-hop/pop tracks recorded to date. "This album has some awesome features on it and will include "Girl Gotta Girlfriend" featuring Snoop. There are plenty of never heard before tracks and I'm excited to share them with you."

On his MySpace blog, Taylor wrote: "I have so many concepts and ideas and songs which are TRULY genre bending and like nothing heard before! This album will feature rUnK. It will be a sincere reflection of me in depth. My light and my darkness. My journey in raw truth. Experiences of being stuck in pain, learning and growing out of my old skin, being In TRUE LOVE, sex, drugs and rUnK n RoLL. I won't hold back."

So what is rUnK? Taylor describes it as a combination of the best parts of hip-hop, rock, and punk music. But more importantly, it is an attitude and a way of thinking that reaches out to, and speaks out, against putting musicians inside boxes. It allows the singer and/or the band to be what and who they are without labeling or pigeonholing. The music fits their personalities in that it is ever-changing and ever-evolving, and therefore eclectic, if not also eccentric. It can be hard and fast one minute and softer, more methodical the next.

rUnK is one part rebellion and one part spiritual, and it even found some roots in the political. In June, Taylor brought together some of Iran's most elite entertainers to plead for freedom in "United For Neda," a song he wrote and produced after he saw video footage of the demonstrator being shot and killed by the Basji during the Iranian crackdown.

Though Taylor says there is no set formula for rUnK, he may just be setting one himself without even trying.

Taylor, with a little help from his friends like Joel Madden, Christina Milian, T-Pain, and Lil Jon, is fast creating a movement. Get in on the action by downloading "King Amongst Men" today!

If you're in the LA area on November 4th, Taylor will be playing at the Dragonfly. Hope to see you all there!!

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