Friday, November 27, 2009

30 Days of Christmas: Double Feature Friday!...

There is nothing I like better after a long, hot (I wear Ugg boots every year in honor of the season, even though it's usually seventy degrees outside!) trek around the mall on Black Friday than coming home, putting my sweaty feet up, and watching Christmas movies well into Saturday morning while picking on leftover pies.

This year, since I have had most days and nights free leading up to this holiday weekend, I ended up getting a lot of my holiday shopping done earlier than usual, so I know I'll have more time on my hands today/tonight. Therefore, I am starting "Double Feature Fridays" during this 30 Days of Christmas marathon. First up? Tim Allen in The Santa Clause and The Santa Clause 2!

Eric Lloyd got to live every little kid's dream when Santa Clause fell off his roof and his father (Allen) put on the suit and ultimately "became" the Claus in The Santa Clause. Not only did he get to fly around in the sleigh, delivering presents to other little kids, but he actually got to visit the North Pole, hang out with the elves, and help make Santa more efficient and safe up in the skies. Sure, having your dad be Santa Claus means you only get to see him once a year, but his parents were divorced, and he never really saw his dad anyway.

The film deals with the fine line between believing and just imagining, but ultimately, through the magic of the holiday, it shows that anything is possible. And, of course, it teaches the importance of family, but also the importance of honoring one's responsibilities.

The Santa Clause 2 works as a surprising sequel to a film that came eight years before it-- and never expected to be anything but a stand alone-- because it plays off the mythology of the first film but also of what have always known about St. Nick. Mr. Claus surely needs a Mrs in the most traditional of ways...even though his elves can easily handle filling his sleigh with warm cookies and hot cocoa. Bringing Lloyd back to play the somewhat sullen teenager that many of the fans of the original had grown up to be as well was equally fitting. Once again, though, through the magic of Christmas everything works out for the kid: his father falls for his nemesis (the school principal, played by the underrated-- well, until about two years ago-- Elizabeth Mitchell) and whisks her away to the North Pole.

You can skip the third installment of this film franchise altogether. Nobody wants to think about Santa as being ungrateful (even if he learns a lesson in the end)! Though, if you purchase the 3 movie box set simply because it's more economical, you'll get a nice coaster for your mug of cider, eggnog, or hot cocoa out of that third disc!

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