Monday, November 23, 2009

Does The Anticipation Make The Slap?...

Tonight on How I Met Your Mother, the fourth slap finally occurred courtesy of a very special "Slapsgiving Part Deux" moment. You see, Marshall (Jason Segel) accidentally forgot his prize turkey in a cab, but Ted (Josh Radnor) and Robin (Cobie Smulders) found it at the Port Authority lost and found, and when they returned it to its rightful owner, he was so grateful that he granted them a very special power: they could dole out the fourth long as it was done by sundown that day.

Now, fans of both HIMYM and any social networking site knew this slap was coming as early as last Monday, when an official "Slap Bet Countdown" widget cropped up on, Facebook, Twitter, and dozens upon dozens of fan forums and pages. In fact, fans not only knew the slap was coming in this particular episode but also the exact time code within the episode it would occur.

Questions have been raised within the show before as to whether its worse to know exactly when the slap is coming or to suffer over the "what if it's now?" moments.

For Barney, he appeared to have no problems going about his daily life until he knew the slap was coming, and personally for me as a fan, it is the same. Knowing exactly when the slap is coming just sets the wheels of the imagination in motion. You end up picturing dozens of different ways it could go down-- where, when, how, and most importantly: how hard. But the worst part? The magic is gone because the Slapper has lost the element of surprise.

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