Friday, November 20, 2009

Family Portrait...

Family does not begin and end with blood.

A friend of mine recently confided to me that he thinks it's sometimes easier to walk away from family than friends because you had no hand in choosing your family and oftentimes find yourself with nothing in common with said family. The sense of obligation towards them comes from tradition, from rote, and also often from guilt.

But he was using family in the most traditional sense. Families, to me, do not merely include those to whom you are bound by blood and genetics, but rather they are the groups of people with whom you have a deep bond and spiritual connection. A family is who you turn to in times of crisis-- who you know you can always turn to when things get rough. Therefore, I think it is easy to argue that the strongest family bond on television right now is the family of misfits on Supernatural.

Of course, Sam and Dean are actual, blood-related brothers, and we have seen them fight and die for each other quite a few times before. But they have an extended clan who-- although they don't get to see perhaps as often as they'd like-- never hesitate to pick up a gun or a flask of Holy Water and get in the good fight, too. The family was larger once, but though it dwindles in numbers with every passing season of the show, it never seems to come up lacking: Bobby, Ellen, Jo, Castiel, and some could even argue the Ghostfacers. These are the kinds of people I'd want in my corner!

Though for those same reasons, I admit Dean kissing Jo (which for some fans was, like, "Finally!") was a bit like watching a brother kiss his sister and therefore left me with a touch of the "ickies" instead of the "awwww's!"


Lauren said...

I get what you mean. I had the vibe that it was a family hanging out with the loud music banging in the background but then it was ruined when Dean started hitting on Jo.

It made me rethink the family vibe and it helped make me realize, it's not my fault that I dislike Jo being on the show. I dislike how the writer's have presented her.

Ellen's this motherly figure and her daughter Jo is a love interest? I liked last night's ep because they just jumped into the fight and there was a lot going on.

But to get back to your point. I get what you mean about this extended family that Sam and Dean have created around them but avoid the case of the ickkies I'll have to think of Elle and Jo as the friends of the family who live across the street.

That was a great picture they took.

Jaime said...

I was never one to ship Dean and Jo, mostly because their chemistry was always more big brother/little sister to me. However, when he kissed her before she died, I think that was really touching, and made sense in a way. I think Dean *had* to think of her as a sister more than anything, probably because Ellen is scary, but in the end...she's a hot chick who understands not only what he does, but him. I thought it was sweet.

I'm really sad about Jo dying. Not sad at all about Ellen. I HAAAATE Ellen. Always have.