Monday, November 23, 2009

Mark Salling May Be The Nicest Guy In Hollywood...

Sure, he never smiles when he walks down the red carpet-- preferring instead to take a page out of bad boy character Puck's book and play the brooding and smoldering card-- but Mark Salling is all heart when it comes to fans, co-stars, and reporters alike. A perhaps surprising fan favorite from Fox' not-at-all-surprise hit GLEE, Salling has always had sweet and down-to-Earth things to say about his fellow cast members and the creator of the show, Ryan Murphy, in interviews. Recently, though, Salling has taken his thankfulness one step farther by posting a musical tribute to his new family on his website.

It is rare enough these days in Hollywood for actors to spend so many waking hours a day on set together and come away without at least a little tension, but it is absolutely unheard of for one to go out of his or her way to express gratitude and love for his or her current job. More "overnight" celebrities than not end up letting the sudden attention and fame go to their heads, but Salling truly seems to relish the moment. He is not only talented but also still grounded enough to realize that someday he'll look back and realize "these were the golden days." And he's not taking all of the credit for himself.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of fans already think the GLEE kids have the sweetest job around; Salling is just stirring the pot videos like this! He just may be too humble to point out that he is a huge part of why the job looks so good!

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