Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Five Cents: Mi Amour Est Mort (Or Whatever)...

By now the news has circulated the internet that Jensen Ackles has (finally, in some people's eyes-- after all, they are already raising a dog together) popped the question to longtime girlfriend and one time castmate, Danneel Harris. I heard the news this morning via a friend who is a family friend of Jensen's, but I refrained from commenting on it-- mostly out of mourning.

I realize, though, that it would look completely odd if I didn't offer my five cents, as it were. Though I don't normally comment on celebrity gossip and the ever-changing couplings in Hollywood, this one is just too close to my heart to let pass by.

Okay, look: it's no secret I don't care for weddings, and it's no secret I'm equally cynical about most long-term relationships in general. It's not that I don't want to believe; it's just that I've become a bit jaded, and I fall into the "what I see is all I know" category anyway. And so far what I've seen, at least in Hollywood-- especially in Hollywood-- is that these things don't usually last.

Take a look at these two pictures.
The one with Danneel was taken just
after getting engaged. In which one
does he look happier?? ;)

I know Jensen and Danneel's relationship isn't necessarily the typical tabloid fodder. After all, they are both able to stay relatively out of the spotlight. I know they have been together long enough that Jensen probably very sweetly and very thoughtfully planned out his proposal, and his design of the ring, long before popping the question. He is a family-oriented guy and not the type to just jump into something as serious as marriage without careful thought.

I know I should be congratulating Danneel right now; they are actually quite cute together. But I just can't help but feel like a little part of my childhood (and my life, made possible by pop culture) has died. I will be wearing black for the next few days in honor of my lost love. Please send cupcakes. And maybe some headshots for a potential new fixation...

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Linda said...

I too am wearing black. All the guys in my office (I work in construction) are giving me a hard time, yet are also giving me condolences. Sad, sad day... :(