Friday, November 13, 2009

Why Can't Creation Entertainment Do That?...

Last night's episode of Supernatural had a couple of really great-- like exclaim out-loud great-- moments during which Sam and Dean (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) came face-to-face with "Sam" and "Dean"-- fans of of Supernatural book series who attended a fan convention dressed like their favorite hunters and then ended up teaming up with their favorite hunters (though without realizing it, of course). "The Real Ghostbusters" actually rivaled The Ghostfacers for dorkiest (but that is said in the most humorous and loving way possible) wannabes.

Creation Entertainment-- the media company behind the real life conventions-- does encourage its patrons to dress in costume on the first day of their conventions, in order to partake in special photo ops as, as well as a contest to win prizes based on the most creative and most original get-up. However, what they lack-- but what the fictional convention in "The Real Ghostbusters" advertised-- is a "real, live hunt!" The convention, along with the hotel at which the events were taking place, put together a murder mystery scavenger hunt, just like the kind Sam and Dean go on each week, for the demon-hunting crowd, complete with hiring actors to play ghosts and clues hidden in furniture in the halls.

Of course in the episode things go awry when the place actually turns out to be haunted, but I don't think the LAX Marriott would have that problem! So, Creation Entertainment, if you're listening, there are still four months before the boys come to L.A. I'd be happy to play Becky, Supernatural uber-fan for you, and help design a similar game!

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Jaime said...

So, did you like the episode? I liked moments in it, but for the most part felt it was, again, a waste of time in a season that has much bigger things to address.