Monday, November 2, 2009

WMFATA: Wanda Sykes...

When she isn't stealing scenes in HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm or CBS' The New Adventures of Old Christine, Wanda Sykes has found herself lately making headlines for her politics. Sure, a lot of comedians talk politics when on the stage, but the biggest statement for Sykes' came when she was attending a rally in Las Vegas. Caught up in the excitement of the event, she announced that not only was she gay, but she was also married (she and her wife are parents of twins now, as well). Sykes steals the show no matter what-- or where-- it is.

Why My Friends Are Talking About Her: Sykes' recent HBO stand-up special was both a hoot and a rarity, as her busy television schedule often keeps her from touring around the country, the way other famed (and hilarious!) comics get to. However, starting this Saturday, fans will be able to hear her commentary on everything from politics to pop culture when Fox begins airing her own talk show. And Sykes is breaking barriers with this new project, too, as late night has always been a boys' club. But considering her comedy is always witty, wry, and unpredictable, her show is sure to give them a run for their money!

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