Thursday, December 24, 2009

2009: A Year In (Photo) Review...

2009 was full of ups and downs in pop culture. There were some great achievements, such as the premieres of GLEE and Modern Family; some lackluster performances, like disappointing new albums from Eminem and Mariah Carey; and there were some complete flops...ala The Beautiful Life, which barely made it on air to begin with. However, the year was full of ups and downs in my personal life, too, and that is what this photo blog is all about. The following shots will showcase the high and low points of my year-- both in pop culture and at home.

The How I Met Your Mother TV Academy Panel, January 2009.

My i.a.t.g interview with IBG, February 2009.

Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp return to RENT, February - March 2009.

USC reunites at Disneyland, April 2009!

My baby's first trip to Venice, April 2009.

The Desperate Housewives Paley Fest panel, April 2009.

My custom "Growing Up with 90s TV" Fazzino, May 2009.

Madison and I spending the summer in N.Y.C., July 2009.

My first GLEE press event, August 2009.

A Facebook-NBC screening of Community, September 2009.

Rehabbing at the beach, September 2009.

Hanging out with my first boyfriend at D23, September 2009.

Meeting a few of the Muppets at D23, September 2009.

The LIVE "Nightman Cometh" Tour, September 2009.

Meeting Kathy Griffin at her book signing, September 2009.

An LMS fundraiser with Nick Pileggi and the IBG girls, October 2009.

Karen and I attending the Troop Beverly Hills quote-a-long, October 2009.

A couple of friends got engaged this year, but
I only had to attend one wedding:
Matt and Sandra Sivaborvorn's, October 2009.

Meeting Rob Benedict at Louden Swain's CD release party, October 2009.

Madison learning to drive, October 2009.

A completely unrelated, but still upsetting, injury, October 2009.

Gillian Anderson attends IBG's "Believe Again" event, November 2009.

A handful of my friends had babies this year,
but only one is related to me by blood:
Shane William Proscia, born November 2009.

Seeing Kathy Griffin's Black Friday Stand-Up Show
(from the cheap seats in the back), November 2009.

Marisa and I visit the Friends set, December 2009.

Marisa, Caileigh, and I have a little too much fun
with the Tiger Woods scandal (playing tourist at
Madame Tussaud's), December 2009.

Meeting Jodie Sweetin at her book signing, December 2009.

Spending Christmas at Disneyland with my boyfriend, December 2009.

Happy Holidays from Disneyland!
Happy Holidays from the IBG Girls!!

And, of course, Happy Holidays from Madison and me!!!

In Memory Of:

Melanie Turchiano
September 10 1949 - August 1 2009

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