Thursday, December 17, 2009

30 Days of Christmas: Jack Frost...

In keeping with the theme of children grieving the recent loss of a parent, 1998's Jack Frost stars Michael Keaton as a car accident victim who comes back as a snowman that his son (Joseph Cross) builds on a snowy winter's day. Sounds a bit convoluted and fantastical? It is, but it's sweet nonetheless. See, in his former life as a man and father, Jack Frost (yes that is Keaton's character's actual name) focused more time and energy into his band than his kid, and though he promised his son he'd be home in time for Christmas Eve, the car accident changes that. So a year later, when his spirit inhabits the snowman, he decides he has to make up for all of the lost time. Together the boy and CGI snowman go sledding and play sports, but obviously the snowman has to stay outside in the cold in order to stay alive.

One would think this would bring all sorts of extra problems, but perhaps everyone is blinded by the magic...or they just really, really need a male authority figure in their lives. Even Keaton's widow, played by Kelly Preston, doesn't seem to think twice and embraces the new snowman member of their family. Of course, winter begins to thaw, and the spirit must move on. But by that point, everyone has gotten the closure they need, and they can say good-bye to their husband and father with some lasting loving memories on which to dote.

Be very careful not to confuse the 1998 Jack Frost with the 1996 version. The 1996 version features a serial killer on a rampage for young co-eds and is not suitable for your little ones.

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