Sunday, December 6, 2009

30 Days of Christmas: Made For TV Holiday Fun...

Last night, Lifetime Television premiered their very own modern holiday classic aimed at their usual Women 18-49 audience. And since I fit comfortably into that demographic, I needed to put the 12 Men of Christmas on my list! Err, my viewing list, of course!

Kristin Chenowith (interviewed recently at plays one of those jaded career women who could be on her way to her own version of Ebenezer Scrooge but for a cruel twist of fate that tears her away from everything she knows. Losing both her job and her equally successful fiance during her office holiday party, Chenowith's character picks up and moves to snowy Montana to start all over. It is there that she gets the idea to try to save a local rescue mission-- and spread a little Christmas cheer-- by getting the hunky rescue workers to pose for a pin-up calendar. And when Santa hands her twelve eligible men, it is only cliche but perfect that sparks fly with at least one!

Alongside Chenowith for the (sleigh)ride are Josh Hopkins (Cougar Town) and Jessie Pavelka (Lifetime's own; DietTribe), among almost a dozen other cuties who may not have famous faces yet but who certainly will be more well known amongst a very specific crowd once their calendar gets downloaded and printed from the interwebs! 12 Men of Christmas admittedly has a much more specific and limited appeal than other holiday movies, but it is fun and joyful nonetheless and will undoubtedly be brought back on that channel for many years to come. Lifetime certainly knows their audience, and who in their audience wouldn't want to be snowed in and snuggling by a roaring fire with any one of these guys??

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