Sunday, December 20, 2009

30 Days of Christmas: Modern Classics...

I spoke earlier of my love of all movies airport, and that extends much further than just kids running loose in an airport. In fact, it is probably what immediately endeared me to today's (first) Modern Classic pick: Love Actually. But the meet-cute gimmick location was just a quick entry to an extremely well put together film with a cast of characters seemingly as large as some film's casts and crews!

Love Actually is a long one, as far as holiday movies go. Some would assume it is too long for a genre that is notoriously known for cheesy carols and over-the-top design. However, what is at the core here are some very sweet (and often intertwining) stories about young love. From the racy movie stand-ins who come together (no pun intended), bonding even in awkward situations, to the elementary aged boy who is convinced he has found his true love, to the youthful prime minister who falls for his saucy and somewhat inappropriate staffer, and the writer and his maid who don't even speak the same language, the relationships in this film are what warm you. And even though some of the relationships go south, the result is not a decent into holiday depression because everyone knows yet another clip from the fictional (and hilarious) "Christmas Comes Once A Year" music video is just around the corner!!

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