Wednesday, December 23, 2009

30 Days of Christmas: The Perfect Holiday...

Oscar nominated Terrence Howard and Queen Latifah as Christmas elf-angels? What?? 2007's romantic holiday comedy, The Perfect Holiday features site gags but also a very sweet story about an aspiring songwriter (Morris Chestnut) who is just trying to make ends meet as a mall Santa while he follows his true dream. While on shift, he ends up spotting a single mom (Gabrielle Union) who comments that all she wants for Christmas is for a man to pay her a single compliment.

The pair end up dating, and the aforementioned omnipotent duo do what they can to make things work despite the odds of a young son who is jealous of the attention his mom's new beau is getting, as well as an ex-husband determined to try to buy back affections. The film is simple but has a lot of heart, and the eye-candy that is Chestnut never hurts either! Something for everyone this holiday season!

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