Wednesday, December 16, 2009

30 Days of Christmas: Prancer...

A holiday movie named after a reindeer is not such a surprising thing, but when I first learned of Prancer-- admittedly doing so really late in the game just earlier this year-- it did come as somewhat of a blow. Rudolph may have been the reindeer that got made fun of the most, but at least he got talked about at all! Prior to 1989, none of the other reindeer were really ever mentioned but for one line in a holiday song. Here was Prancer getting his own feature film! How I missed this, I still don't know.

In Prancer an eight year old little girl who just lost her mother finds a hurt reindeer she thinks is one of Santa's. She decides she will nurse him back to health herself, and she ends up bonding with him deeply. This also leads to her bonding with a friendly vet and her older brother, yet she and her father fight over her keeping the reindeer as a pet, and he ends up selling the animal to the media. It turns out that he has only built up a tough exterior because of how hurt he is over losing his wife, though, and eventually he begins to break down the wall, inspired by his loving daughter and her openness and willingness to love another living thing.

When the little girl finally manages to heal her new reindeer friend, he does end up flying off to rejoin Santa's other reindeer, proving her beliefs were not just the fantasies of a sad little girl. Sweet enough to warrant viewing the straight-to-video sequel starring the adorable John Corbett? It just may be!

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Jamie said...

Hehehe yea!! I'm still afraid of the sequel though, John Corbett or no John Corbett.