Thursday, December 3, 2009

30 Days of Christmas: The Ref...

Anything with Denis Leary in it is pretty unorthodox, isn't it? Well, add to the mix a bumbling thief, a couple who can't stand each other, and a hostage situation on Christmas eve, and you get the most dysfunctional Christmas film of perhaps all time: The Ref.

Kevin Spacey and Judy Davis play the bickering couple, who start out the film in marriage counseling. Doesn't exactly scream "joy of the season!" but then again neither does the scene that follows, with Leary in middle of robbing a home he has broken into. He accidentally sets off the alarm and falls down into the basement, where a guard dog attacks him. With his getaway car mysteriously gone, he has to find a new ride to ditch the police, and he happens upon the still-arguing couple. He orders them to give him a ride at gunpoint, and they argue the whole way back to their home, where the police have set up roadblocks looking for Leary's character.

The rest of the The Ref is more of the same: Leary ties up the couple-- as well as their son-- but they almost drive him crazy. The rest of their family complicates things a little, as well, and Leary's character ends up using a Santa suit as part of his getaway disguise. A bit deranged, maybe, but pretty damn funny nonetheless.

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Jamie said...

GREAT MOVIE! It's also an interesting anthropological study of WASPs