Tuesday, December 8, 2009

30 Days of Christmas: Santa Buddies...

George Wendt used to make a career as a sedatiary, somewhat irascible barfly but now new generations know him as the rolly, polly, jolly man who delivers presents to all the good little boys and girls. In Disney's new film Santa Buddies, Wendt reprises his role as Mr. Claus from yesterday's pick Santa Baby.

Santa Buddies is part of the Air Buddies series (a spin-off from the popular childhood film Air Bud starring Kevin Zegers and an adorable Golden Retriever). In this installment, Puppy Paws (another adorable Golden Retriever, but this time in puppy form) decides he is sick of being the heir to the Christmas throne and just wants to be a normal dog. He seeks out one he finds on the "Naughty List" to teach him how to do just that, but when the "magical Christmas icicle" (not a euphemism) begins to melt, he realizes his true calling and rallies all of his new canine friends to help save Christmas.

Now, you might be thinking that a movie featuring talking dogs and "a magical Christmas icicle" that directly controls how much people believe in Santa sounds like it's for seven year olds...and if you are thinking that, you wouldn't entirely be wrong. But sometimes at this time of year we really need to bring out our inner seven year old! It's too easy to get caught up in wishing we were adults already when we're kids-- and then get trapped by the pitfalls of adulthood once we're finally there. Besides, even if you opt to just tune into this movie on mute, the dogs alone are enough to warm your heart on a cold winter's eve!

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