Wednesday, December 2, 2009

30 Days of Christmas: A Very Sunny Christmas...

When I interviewed It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia creator and star, Rob McElhenney, last month, he had this to say about the release of their straight-to-DVD Christmas special: "We had knocked around the idea of putting these characters into a holiday situation-- into a holiday special-- for a few years now. As we knocked that around, we thought it could be really interesting as a stocking stuffer to just put all that stuff that we'd been talking about for years into an episode so we can get away with whatever we want."

And It's A Very Sunny Christmas certainly proves itself to be too outrageous for TV! Mac and Charlie (McElhenney and Charlie Day) learn that their childhood Christmas traditions-- collecting toys at all of the neighbor children's homes (for Mac) and waiting for the revolving door of Santas to drop off presents before "cheering up" his mom (Charlie)-- are not actually normal traditions. They set out to right some wrongs but of course get caught up in worse high jinks, including attacking a mall Santa vampire style!

Dennis and Dee (Glenn Howerton and Kaitlin Olson) set out to teach Frank (Danny DeVito) a lesson Christmas Carol style to get him back for always buying himself the things they wanted for Christmas simply to rub their noses in it. They team up with his old (and presumed dead) business partner to scare him straight, but things go awry for them as well when Frank ends up faking his own death.

It's A Very Sunny Christmas is not for the faint of heart (it features a naked DeVito, for example) or for those who have stitches...because you will laugh so hard you will pop one! The special also features misguided caroling, claymation versions of the characters ala the old classic TV specials, and flashbacks to the young days and escapades of Mac and Charlie (Young Mac is played by Dexter's Preston Bailey, but both boys are splitting images of their older counterparts, right down to a mini version of Charlie's horse tee and long johns!) which is worth the price of admission alone!

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