Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Danny Cahill Is More of a Man at Half His Size!...

Danny Cahill, a musician, husband, father of two, and Biggest Loser finalist, had a seemingly impossible task ahead of him on last night's Season 8 live finale episode. Weighing in at 430 pounds when he started the journey, Cahill made it to the final three after setting the record for the most consecutive weeks of losing in the double digits (seven). He also had the honor of choosing the order that he and his competitors would weigh in, and opting to go last, Cahill was visibly nervous after Rudy Pauls lost 234 pounds. In order for Cahill to beat his weight loss and take home the top prize of a quarter of a million dollars and the title, he would have had to lose 227 pounds.

"Before I got on the scale, when I walked out, I hadn't seen Rudy," Cahill admitted in a conference call earlier today regarding his experience. "They kept us sequestered as the final four, so we did not see anyone, and when I walked out and saw Rudy I was amazed. You know, I was worried. I left the marathon up about, as far as percentage...about four percent on him. I was up about sixteen pounds; he was going to have to lose a lot more weight than I was to win, so I felt confident. When I saw him last night, it was scary. I thought "Oh my gosh." He looked at me and smiled, and I thought "Did you beat me!?"

Though he looked amazing, and almost unrecognizable as his former self, it was a feat not many in that audience thought Cahill could accomplish. But that's the thing about The Biggest Loser contestants: all season long they do the seemingly impossible! And last night, on a live stage in Hollywood in front of his friends, his family, his trainers, and all of America, Danny Cahill did just that once again.

Now weighing in at just about 191, Cahill managed to shed over 55% of his body weight to take back his life as the "sexy musician" he always saw himself to be.

Cahill talked a lot about pursuing dreams-- both on he show and on our call today-- and for all of those newfound fans of his, you will be happy to know he does have plans to pursue his great music dreams. He recorded "Second Chances," the song he performed in Week 11's episode. "I've actually written a few songs since I've been home, and my creative juices are flowing again," Cahill added. "I went years and years without writing, and it's like I've just found that fire again, and I want to do what I love to do."

Music isn't the only thing that fell by the wayside due to Cahill's increasing weight, though. His large size often kept him from playing with his kids the way he wanted to, but no more! Cahill was proud to announce that he is very close to accomplishing one of the goals he set at the start of his journey-- to join a martial arts program with his son David. "I thought that would be a great way to maintain staying in shape and to do something with my son because all of these years have gone by, and the only thing I could ever do with my son was play video games."

That's not all Cahill is looking forward to with his trim and fit body and lifestyle, though! "I can't wait just to go fishing-- in a pond, in a boat, in an innertube. I used to do that all of the time, and I tried to put my innertube on before I went on The Biggest Loser, and I couldn't even fit it around my waist so I'm excited."

Cahill even quoted a law of physics ("objects in motion stay in motion; objects at rest stay at rest") when discussing how he will apply what he learned on the ranch to ensure he doesn't gain the weight all back. Though, he does admit that he will allow himself to indulge once in awhile, especially around the holidays. "But it means having one instead of a whole plate of cookies and a gallon of eggnog!"

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