Friday, December 11, 2009

In Honor of Hanukah...

Don't worry, my Jewish friends, I did not forget you in the midst of my 30 Days of Christmas craziness! In honor of my mother, I bring you a couple of her favorite TV tributes to the eight crazy nights!

Adam Sandler's original Hanukah song has become a holiday classic, earning a secondary "updated pop culture references" song, as well as a new animated cover video from legendary Jew Neil Diamond. He brought a lesser known holiday into the mainstream mentality and managed to lighten the tone with his usual brand of humor, as well.

Some feel South Park divides by making fun of just about everything and anything, but for my mother and me, it united. I didn't think she'd like Trey Parker and Matt Stone's crude sensibility, especially around the holidays, but we used to watch their Christmas classics together every year, back to back, and the only one that was ever too over the top for her was the "Woodland Critter Christmas" episode. And she used to crack up especially hard over the little animated kids singing the dreidel song!

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