Friday, December 18, 2009

Is Mams Taylor Coming To A TV Near You?...

When speaking to Leonard Richardson, the CW’s V.P. of Music, in mid-December, he mentioned that he, as well as his music supervisors and showrunners, often go out around town to scout new talent to potentially sign for one or more of their shows or promos. “Over the summer we actually had…the All-American Rejects come into the offices and perform for us, and we ended up using them on 90210,” he explained when asked if finding new talent was more than just combing through the Warner Brothers Records archives.

And that was refreshing to hear. After all, I had just come from an intimate showcase by Mams Taylor & The Premiere League. Taylor has a song featuring Joel Madden of Good Charlotte called “L.A. Girls” that was released as a single on iTunes in 2008. Featuring lyrics like “Bathin’ in the California sun/Man I think I gotta get me one/(L.A., L.A., L.A.)/There’s nothing like those L.A. Girls,” the song is the perfect anthem for 90210 or Melrose Place—in my humble opinion, preferably the latter if it manages to survive for a second season. And perhaps it would stand a better chance if promo-ed with Taylor’s hot track underneath.

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