Tuesday, December 1, 2009

An Open Letter (To Santa): My Pop Culture Christmas List...

Dear Santa:

My Amazon Wishlist is just about abandoned and forgotten these days. My mother used to log on every year around this time to purchase stocking stuffers for me for the holidays-- and then she'd log on again in sixth months time to send me a birthday box-- but lately I've found that I'm just not collecting DVDs the way I used to. It probably has something to do with the fact that there are very select and few movies I actually find myself wanting to watch over and over-- and the rest, well, I can just get those on Netflix. And it probably has everything to do with the fact that I've been spending so much money (on things like "day bracelets") that any DVDs or books I do want, I snatch up myself courtesy of Amazon Visa's Rewards Gift Certificate program.

I find I much prefer to watch a disc of old episodes of favorite television shows past and present to hour and a half films anyway. A disc worth of TV is usually about three or four straight hours which can nicely distract me from an otherwise boring morning. But is it just me or is it really annoying when a studio puts out the first season or two of a favorite old show on DVD just to see what kind of response it will get but then makes no plans to release the rest of the series? Okay, occasionally, they will release the rest, albeit slowly, and spread apart by months and volumes, like they did with the original Melrose Place. However, what about shows like California Dreams or The Nanny or even the more recent (and bigger hit) The New Adventures of Old Christine!? This year, for my Pop Culture Christmas, I am asking you to bring me the complete series of those three show (well, with The Nanny, they can cut off when Max and Fran get together; no one cares about the "I'm having twins and moving to LA" season)!

This next part may sound surprising, Santa, coming from me, such a diehard Jensen Ackles fan and all, but I am also asking this year that for once the creator of a show (in this case Eric Kripke) gets his wish and his show ends when he wanted and planned for it to. Come May 2010, Supernatural should be no more. The actors (and crew!) should move on to bigger and better things, and the mythology surrounding the Winchester boys and company should be wrapped up. In other words, Dawn Ostroff can shove off and focus her energy on her network's fledging shows that really wouldn't be fledging if she had shown them even the slightest interest and care.

For my favorite television shows, stars, and characters:
- I hope Drea de Matteo gets more involved with the other ladies on Wisteria Lane (Desperate Housewives) because she is the shot in the arm that show needs to stay funny and relevant.
- I want Dexter and Rita to split up simply so she can take Aster away (maybe even moving in with Deb) so they can be whiny and moody together, while Dexter can focus on the more important things in his life-- like finally killing Trinity.
- I hope Pam and Jim name their baby after Michael Scott (The Office). Because since they met in his office, their union is thanks to him, after all!
- I want Amber Riley to do a Mariah medley on GLEE.

I read a horoscope a few weeks ago that said something that happens this week could lead to a new career for the new year. I hope writing this letter is enough for that because I'd really, really, REALLY like for my books to get picked up by a publisher in 2010. Well, okay, at least one of them and preferably my pop culture memoir because I truly believe it will help me pick up more freelance entertainment writing. Oh and along those lines, I'd like my friend Erin's new TV site to take off so I can get paid to be a full-time reporter :)

I'm not trying to be greedy, but I'd also like a Saved by the Bell made-for-TV movie reunion, as well as one for Friends. And if you have some extra time, I'd like to know the last line of Amy Sherman-Palladino's intended Gilmore Girls finale. That is one reunion that has been hinted at of late, but I'd prefer to leave that series well enough alone.

On behalf of my friends, I'd like to ask for a new Joss Whedon show...that isn't on Fox. I think anyone who is a fan of his can understand why.

And, I guess, world peace.


Jamie said...

Yea for the Whedon fan shout out!

Linda said...

As much as I hate to say it, you're right about needing to end Supernatural. I love the show, and am a late comer as a fan. But the story arc is getting so big now, that anything after Lucifer and Michael battle it out, would be a down grade.

I will miss seeing Jared and Jensen on a weekly basis, but that's what DVD's are for!!

And having a Friends reunion? Woot-woot! I'm all for that!