Sunday, December 13, 2009

Yes, Virginia, My Site Has Been Taken Over By Christmas Elves!...

In taking a brief detour away from holiday movies this weekend, I stumbled upon a one of a kind offer from Warner Brothers regarding some of their modern classic television shows and their favorite holiday episodes. Starting tomorrow, the 14th, will be screening some hilarious and unique episodes of Chrismukkah's past!

On The O.C.
Seth (Adam Brody) excitedly introduces a skeptical Ryan (Ben McKenzie) to Chrismukkah, a Cohen family tradition that resulted from Kirsten (Kelly Rowan) being Christian and Sandy (Peter Gallagher) being Jewish. visitors can celebrate with all four Chrismukkah episodes.

spreads the holiday cheer with an offering of eight episodes, including fan-favorite “Holiday Armadillo,” where we find Ross (David Schwimmer) wearing an outrageous costume as he describes Chanukah’s “festival of lights.”

Gilmore Girls
fans can enjoy three holiday episodes, including the final installment from season seven when Rory (Alexis Bledel) and Lorelai (Lauren Graham) reunite post-Christmas to celebrate the holidays together.

Fans of Veronica Mars
can relive the Echolls’ annual Christmas party from season one.

On One Tree Hill,
Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) receives an unlikely holiday visitor who makes a shocking reappearance.

And on Smallville,
Clark (Tom Welling) is asked to use his powers to deliver Christmas presents to needy kids.

One question, though: Where is Supernatural's "A Very Supernatural Christmas" on this list?? That is my favorite twisted holiday of all time!

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