Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Announcing Paley Fest!...

After weeks of speculation and rumors (and some online leaks), The Paley Center for Media has finally announced their line-up for Paley Fest 2010. Confirmed panels will include new fan favorite programs like Glee, The Vampire Diaries, Modern Family, Community, FlashForward, and Cougar Town, as well as long-time favorites LOST, Dexter, Breaking Bad, NCIS, and Curb Your Enthusiasm. There will even be a panel called "Seth MacFarlane and Friends" honoring his animated shows, and a panel for the absolutely brand new Men of a Certain Age. Paley Fest is certainly diverse this year, reaching out across all demographics!

This year's event will be taking place at the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills (last year's took place at the Arclight). The Saban seats a whopping 1,900 and will therefore change the face of Paley Fest as we know it. What we have come to know and love about Paley Fest is the intimate setting it provides for fans who want to see their favorite stars and hear inside stories from the set up close and personal. This year they'll still get the celebs and the stories, just not so up close and personal (unless they buy the premium seats which are being sold in packages from $750 to $1200!).

Tickets go on sale on Friday to members of the Paley Center and then on Sunday to the public. Since most of the shows selected do have such devout followings, there is sure to be a mad rush for entrance into panels, but due to the bigger venue, it seems more than likely that nothing will sell out before tickets go on sale to non-members (which was not the case in earlier years).

Paley Fest is the leading source of revenue for the Paley Center for Media, and this year they will surely bring in enough to keep making their events bigger and better!

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