Monday, January 11, 2010

Best of 99 Episodes of "HIMYM"...

Tonight the 100th episode of How I Met Your Mother airs (8pm, CBS), featuring a brand new musical number called "Girls Vs Suits" where the gang sings and dances on a fake New York City street, you guessed it, all suited up!
In honor of the special occasion, marking their allowance into the world of syndication, "My Life, Made Possible By Pop Culture" is looking back at the previous ninety-nine episodes (in four and a half seasons) to pick out the best and brightest moments to date.

5) Barney was once a hippie. - In "Game Night" (Season 1, Episode 15), the friends sit end up revealing some pretty embarrassing stories about themselves in part to get Ted's new girlfriend to feel comfortable enough to share, too, but mostly to get Barney to explain the truth behind a videotape that they found. In it, Neil Patrick Harris has chin pubes and a long ponytail and wears a tie-dye tee shirt and hemp bracelet. Seeing such a polar opposite for this character, and learning what made him change, was a real turning point for the series because it finally delved into someone other than Ted!

4) College Marshall and Ted road trip. - ("Arrivederci, Fiero," Season 2, Episode 17) Though the show explained that this was pivotal for the characters because it is when they solidified their friendship, it was important for the audience as well because it was a flashback sequence that featured too goofy, geeky guys, and just about every one of us knows someone like that who may or may not have grown out of it just yet. The best is seeing Jason Segel's wide-eyed little kid optimism when performing "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)."

3) Barney and Robin have their first "date." - I count the "laser tag" episode ("Zip, Zip, Zip," Season 1, Episode 14) as the true beginning to Barney and Robin's romantic relationship because it is there that the show set in the audience's minds just how alike they are and therefore how better suited they are for each other than Ted and Robin, which was being crammed down our throats, thus far. They wore suits and smoked fine cigars; they played laser tag and got soft pretzels; and they left the bar together because the bro code states "no bro left behind." Hell, they even had similar cheats at Battleship!

2) Lily and Marshall marry. - ("Something Borrowed," Season 2, Episode 21) Thankfully the writers were smart enough not to drag this out to keep Lily and Marshall in the similar state of arrested development that all of the others, namely Ted, whether he'd want to admit it or not, were in for the duration of the series so far. When everything (and everyone) that really counts comes together out by the big tree and the random dude playing acoustic guitar brought a tear to the eye and made the viewers feel like they were part of a very special, intimate group to be allowed to share in the moment.

1) Robin Sparkles' "Let's Go To The Mall!" music video. - This episode in general was pretty classic because it introduced the concept of the "slap bet" (episode title of the same name, Season 2, Episode 9) but the hands down most fantastic part was the reveal of Robin's secret teenage past. Learning she was once a pop star up in Canada was one thing, but actually seeing her in all of her acid jeans glory was quite another!

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