Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Curtis Stone: A Cutie Chef I'd Like To Take Home...

Chef Curtis Stone has only been living and working in America for the last four years. A native Australian, he was living and working in London when he just decided to shake up his life a bit and move to the left coast. Okay, that might be giving his adventurous spirit a bit more reality he moved to L.A. because he had an opportunity from TLC (where he hosts Take Home Chef). When "My Life, Made Possible By Pop Culture" interviewed Stone at Australia Week's Black Tie Gala at Hollywood & Highland, he was feeling good about his status within the industry, and within his culture.

"This is exciting, being here with so many successful Aussies in the industry. It feels really good to think they consider me important enough to be invited. Though I am cooking for them, so maybe they just consider me the help," Stone laughed as he looked around at the sea of actors, directors, and singers being interviewed simultaneously. "And I have to admit, cooking for eight hundred people is not fun. It's a bit intimidating; I'd rather just be kicking back enjoying myself, but I have to hustle in the kitchen."

Stone has much experience cooking for various groups, though, and through his show as well as his partnership with The Biggest Loser, he even takes on the teaching role in the kitchen. He has inspired millions at home to pick up some fresh veggies and lean meat and prepare a healthy meal with their family instead of running to the fast food shack on the corner. But Stone is open to learning, as well...which is exactly what he did when he stripped off the apron and slapped on a power suit to work for Donald Trump on The Celebrity Apprentice.

Stone's past experience in reality TV no doubt helped him feel comfortable in this new venture, despite the fact that he was somewhat a fish out of water in some of the challenges, not to mention the boardroom. "I learned a lot; I mean, he's Donald Trump, so you kind of have to learn something. But I like to think I taught him a little something, too," Stone winked with another laugh.

Stone stayed mum during his chat with me on how well he did under Trump's not-so watchful eye, so I guess we'll all just have to tune in when the new season premieres on NBC on March 14 in a very special two-hour episode.

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