Thursday, January 28, 2010

Do We Really Need Another HIMYM?...

The internet was all abuzz earlier in the week upon hearing that a new pilot script by How I Met Your Mother's Craig Thomas and Carter Bays has been ordered to production. Also penned by HIMYM writers Kourtney Kang and Joe Kelly, the comedy is currently titled Livin' On A Prayer. And yes, folks, it is ala the Bon Jovi song!

Livin' On A Prayer follows a young Philadelphia couple-- yes, Tommy and Gina, just like in the song!-- as they get set up and endure an awkward first date. Things aren't looking so good for their future as Tommy suggest they karaoke and Gina wants no part of it, but then we cut to them belting out the song...a year later.

The pilot deals with the couple deciding to finally move in together, but one of them is having second thoughts even upon initially saying yes. The whole thing reads like a slightly quirkier episode of HIMYM, and while reading (or watching, if it gets picked up), one might be able to make a nice drinking game out of "How I Met Your Mother already did it!" (ala "Simpsons Already Did It" on that one very special episode of South Park).

Along for the ride with Tommy and Gina are Tommy's female best friend and co-worker at the zoo, Gina's male co-workers at the sports bar in which she works, a lion, a giraffe, and a couple of monkeys, and the audience itself, as the characters often break the fourth wall and talk directly to the camera.

The pilot for Livin' on a Prayer wraps the simple conflict of "Will they or won't they?" move in together up pretty nice and neatly, making the script read more as a complete short film than the start of anything long-term. The characters are fun, interesting, and funny but simple. It is doubtful that if some unknown had the "Written by" credit on the front page, networks would have given this particular pilot the same treatment it received due to the star power Bays and Thomas have come to know!

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