Sunday, January 17, 2010

G'Day USA! But For What?...

A lot of critics of Hollywood cite the town's over indulgence as a major reason it is mostly style and little substance. The fact that there is a seemingly endless parade of award shows (and the season has already started with the People's Choice Awards, Critic's Choice Awards, and tonight, the Golden Globes) doesn't help Hollywood's case. The combination of raucous praise and golden statues is like a one-two punch, filling the celebrities' eyes with tears of self-worth. However, now it seems like Hollywood is just creating new and fictitious ceremonies to stroke the egos of its stars.

Saturday night brought us the signature event of Australia Week. G'Day USA 2010, The Los Angeles Black Tie Gala is an annual event during which Hollywood performers who are native Australians celebrate each other and their achievements. It is all supposed to be a nod and a "thank you" for promoting Australia in the United States and within the film, television, and arts industries. Inevitably, though, as Kathy Griffin (a non-Australian, I must point out) likes to say: "It's such a Hollywood thing to, like, say 'Congratulations,' and just have people say 'thank you.' It's like a parlor game. I suggest you try it."

Though I have to hand it to them, so far the Australians have been doing a great job of working in Hollywood without making their collective culture or their homeland look ridiculous, ignorant, or douchey. And that is a huge accomplishment in and of itself!

Besides, what's really wrong with a night of great food, good music, and a little cultural merriment? And when such an event brings out adorable boys with adorable accents, you know I am on board!!

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