Monday, January 25, 2010

In The Event of a Gilmore Girls Movie, Who's Team Are You On?...

When I spoke with Matt Czuchry last week I had to ask him about the possibility of a Gilmore Girls movie. As a fan of the show (well, the Amy Sherman-Palladino seasons), I have always pushed for this reunion movie more than any other (including Saved by the Bell and Friends, but I'll probably get to those eventually, too). After all, upon hearing that Sherman-Palladino had designed a very specific end to the series in mind that she never got to bring to fruition, I felt like the world needed to give her a chance to give her baby it's proper to speak.

Though Czuchry admitted to me that he had heard nothing real (yet) about the possibility of one such reunion, he did also point out that he has so much respect for Sherman-Palladino and her talent that he would be interested should the opportunity present itself. But Czuchry was quick to point out that even if a movie gets written, there might not be a part for him in it. His character of Logan Huntzberger proposed to Rory (Alexis Bledel) at the end of the WB-turned-CW series, but she turned him down. When she did, his pride was hurt, and he said it was "now or never" and since she was saying no to the life-altering change, he was walking away completely.

Other past boyfriends of Rory's had less "permanent" exits from her life and from the show. First, foremost, and preferred by most was Dean Forrester (Jared Padalecki), her first boyfriend who she then lost her virginity to when he was married to someone else. Dean and Rory had a great "puppy love" rapport but as cute as they were together, everyone seemed to think they were on different paths because she was Ivy-league bound, and he was a blue collar working kid.

Jess Mariano (Milo Ventimiglia) was the bad boy who stormed into Stars Hollow and took Rory by surprise. He wore leather jackets, skipped school, and crashed her car, but they shared a deep love of literature, and he was actually an almost perfect match for her intellectually. He just wasn't living up to his potential.

Now, depending on when a reunion movie would pick up in the lives of Rory and her mother Lorelai (Lauren Graham), it is not necessarily any of these three who Rory would find her way back to. Maybe it would be a one-time supporting player like Marty (Wayne Wilcox) or even Tristan (Chad Michael Murray), or maybe someone completely brand new that Rory met on the campaign trail, in a writer's room, or through a friend. But if it was going to be one of the original three, based on the compatibility of the characters alone and ignoring actor availability and interest, I am on Team Jess.

Dean and Rory were both timid when they first got together. It took awhile for them to have their first kiss, and they were both shy when it came to a lot of things. Dean never really felt comfortable around her extended family because of how well-off they were, and Rory didn't feel comfortable telling him she loved him...even after he built her a car and said those three magic (scary) words first. They found their way back to each other when she was in college because it was familiar and comfortable, but being that she was "the other woman" at that point, it wasn't a relationship built to last. It was just wrapping up old business.

Logan and Rory were moving at completely different speeds and toward different things when they first got together. Rory was a serious student who had only been the "boyfriend girl" before, while Logan was a serious partier who had never called anyone his girlfriend before. They were both from well-to-do families and were the kind of "it" couple that some seem to be born and bred for, but Rory compromised a lot of who she was and what she always said she wanted to first be with Logan. She told him she was okay with being casual and ended up getting hurt; she went along with him on his spontaneous self-destructive trips and ended up in jail for stealing a boat. She went through a phase when she was dating Logan, but one would hope she would have grown out of it by the time the movie comes around.

Now Jess and Rory had their ups and down, too; don't get me wrong. Jess may have been more sexually active that Rory, but he was even more emotionally stunted than she was. In fact, he was too immature to even say good-bye to her, so he just left her, confused and broken-hearted. But they pushed through it in the most mature way and managed to be able to be friends. And when he saw her with Logan, he could see how lost she was, and he wanted to help her but knew he couldn't unless she asked for his help. So he kept working on getting his life together and accepted her friendship.

I like to think that at the point a reunion movie would come around, Jess would be a slightly more successful writer than when we last saw him. Maybe that's even what catches Rory's eye-- seeing a new novel of his reviewed in the New York Times or seeing him promoting an upcoming signing on a national talk show. Maybe she reads the book and realizes it's about a young couple, smarter than most kids in their town but still dealing with adolescent issues of angst and insecurity. Maybe in it he apologizes in his own way for how he treated her back when they were both just kids, and maybe she realizes there's still something there. Whether it's a spark more than just friendship, though, remains to be seen based on what else Sherman-Palladino can build into Rory's "adult" world. But I, for one, would be more than looking forward to finding out just what it is!


JudyBershok said...

I would also be on Team Jess. They had great chemistry and although he didn't fit into the world her grandparents would want her to be in, he was most her intellectual equal.

I would give my right foot if they made a movie - would love love love that!

Jamie said...

I vote for a new guy. Seems unrealistic that any of these guys would pine for Rory and become the ultimate perfect man for her. Makes more sense that she met someone new.