Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's Funny AND Relevant...

I'm so glad that after weeks of sports stars, teeny-boppers, and singers, Saturday Night Live had the smarts to put a real actor back on their show. While not every sketch last night was a hit in my book, the one with Sigourney Weaver spoofing herself certainly was. After all, she proved she can be funny, relevant, and have a sense of humor about herself. That's a trifecta very few in Hollywood manage to hit these days.

Besides, I think it's more common than not for "small time" stars to Google themselves and read (if not anonymously respond to) comments on boards on review, fan, and studio sites alike, so it's nice to see a "big" star do it, too.

So, Sigourney, if you're reading: YOU DA BOMB ;)

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