Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mark Your Calendars: "I'm With Coco" Rally At Universal Studios...

Tim Conway pontificated, on a very special episode of 30 Rock, "Who is this Conan O'Brien, and why's she so sad?"

These days, one would have to be living completely devoid of technology to be unfamiliar with the comedian and late night host. And due to NBC's lax attitude toward him, his show, and his fans, many feel he certainly has cause to be sad! But hopefully not for long!

After learning at the Winter TCAs that NBC was trying to force O'Brien into the 12:05 time slot because Jay Leno "wants" to return to 11:35, rumors began flying that O'Brien was negotiating with other networks (like Fox). So NBC supposedly fired back with a threat to bar him from television if he attempted to move his program over to their competition.

Local Los Angelians and fans of O'Brien and late night television in general will be rallying at Universal Studios in Universal City CA on Monday, January 18 2010. Wearing orange and carrying banners and signs of support, this event is sure to cause a scene and get tons of media exposure (including myself, obvs!).

Are you unemployed-- or underemployed-- or hell, just bored? The fans who created this event and are advertising on Facebook are urging you to come on out. Monday is a national holiday, so for those of you with traditional "day" jobs (are there even any of you left in LA???) your boss should be giving you the day off anyway!

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