Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Melrose Place’s Lauren Appears Doomed; Is The Show?…

For someone who has a thick, native Austalian accent, Stephanie Jacobsen does a really good job of making her Melrose Place character of Lauren Yung the typical All-American med student...who is also a call girl. In fact, she does such a good job that some people can't seem to tell the difference between actor and role.

"I don't [get approached]. No one comes anywhere near me! I guess maybe people find it a little bit difficult to approach a woman who plays a prostitute every week on television," Jacobsen shrugged with a big laugh when "My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture" interviewed her during Aussie Week.

Or perhaps they're just somewhat surprised to see her out, up, and about at all. After all, last we saw young Lauren, a john had slipped her a roofie and she was ODing. The best bad guy in the world, David Mancini (Shaun Sipos) got her to the hospital, but she was already unconscious, and her colleagues were hooking her up to a variety of machines. Melrose Place has been on an extended hiatus, but Jacobson teased that "things don't get any better for her in a hurry" when the show returns March 9 on The CW.

And since it appears Jacobsen will be lying fake-comatose in a paper hospital gown for a while, she can relax about memorizing any tough medical jargon. Her co-star Thomas Calabro and I both attended the same math/science magnet high school, a fact which Jacobsen didn't know but seemed excited to learn. "I can so see Thomas in a science school now that you say that!" She laughed. And when asked if she thought his educational background made him a geeky pro at learning such difficult and technical terms, she smiled and said: "One of the pearls of wisdom that he imparted to me in the hospital set one day was not to make it look too easy or we would have to do it all the time." That's a very Michael Mancini way of doing things, if you ask me!

Jacobsen can also retire her stilettos and skintight cocktail dresses for a bit, too, as she won't be entertaining any new guys while recovering. But when asked if she wants Lauren to end up with David, her response was "That's not a fair question! Shaun is like my brother!" Maybe in real life they are close in a lovingly platonic way, but on-screen they have a very nice and easy romantic chemistry that just seems to fit.

In a show that was once so known for villainous characters scheming to break others up, it is nice to find at least one (character...and couple) for which to root! Hopefully when the show returns in March, it is re-booted and re-energized so it has a shot at a second season!

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