Friday, January 22, 2010

An Open Letter To Michael C Hall...

Dear Michael:

I know you didn't want to tell the world about your cancer. I know being a talented actor on a hit show on a powerful network forced the news out of you because you are in the public eye at all times, especially awards season.

I know you probably didn't want to show up to the Golden Globes with a scarf on your head. I know you probably would have preferred to watch your co-star be honored from the comfort and warmth of your bathrobe in bed with your lovely wife feeding you soup. I know you probably ended up putting on the brave face and attending only because your absence would have raised more questions and rumors.

I know you weren't feeling well-- or feeling like yourself-- when you took the stage to accept your much deserved own statue. I know you were probably self-conscious, shaky, and somewhat still weak from the chemo. I've seen it all before.

But I want to applaud your courage and honesty and willingness to step out and be with your peers to show that you are fighting and working hard to go into remission so you can get back to set. And I want you to know that your fans, just like your friends and family, are hoping, wishing, praying, and sending out positive vibes (for those of us that do those sort of things) that you recover fully and fast.

In fact, I personally am hoping you will be better fast enough for the Dexter panel at Paley Fest 2010. It just wouldn't be the same without you, and not just because you are the lead and title character of the show.

So, in closing, please take as best care of yourself as you can. And if you think you're almost back to fighting weight, so to speak, but just need a little bit extra to push you over the edge to feeling 110%, please come out on March 4th at the Saban Theater. We will understand if you can't stay the whole time and simply wave to the crowd for a few minutes. We just want you to know we're hoping our favorite serial killer will be strong enough to start slicing guys up again soon!!

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