Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ryan Kwanten: More Than Just A Pretty Face...

When most people interview Ryan Kwanten from HBO's True Blood, their first question is about how it feels for him to be half-naked for the duration of his shooting. Not this girl (though don't think that image didn't cross my mind!). Since I write for "small potatoes" outlets, I know I need a good hook to get people to stop and chat for me. With Angelina Jolie, it was asking about her work in Namibia. With Kwanten it was asking for information on his upcoming independent film, Griff the Invisible.

A project by fellow Australians, Kwanten lit up when discussing his character, who's "very much like a sociophobe. He's introverted, an office worker by day and a superhero by night. He's the only one who thinks he's a superhero, though."

Kwanten is the only real name in the film, which looks at and begins to reevaluate this bored and lonely "every man's" psychological fantasy world when he starts to fall for a beautiful woman who also shares his passion for the seemingly impossible.

"It's the most proud I've ever been of a film that I've done. And it's one hundred percent different from True Blood!" Kwanten laughed. But that's not to say his fans from the HBO show won't enjoy his star turn in this film. Especially if he's half-naked even a fraction of the time (it's a bigger screen, after all)!

Of course I had to ask about the new season of True Blood, too. Kwanten confirmed he has started shooting but says that "Jason [his character] is always off doing his own thing. Even with Anna [Paquin, Sookie], I rarely get scenes with her. People just assume we're best friends, and I love her and the character, but I rarely work with her."

The same goes for fellow Aussie True Blood star Grant Bowler. Kwanten is never scheduled on set on the same days as he, so he laughed that there isn't much of a chance of slipping back into his accent or any "hometown isms."

In fact, he hadn't even heard the casting news that Southland's Kevin Alejandro would be joining their ever-expanding cast. "Our cast is becoming so diverse (Evan Rachel Wood did a stint, as did Glee's Kevin Mchale, for example), I can't even keep up! But I'd love to work with him; hell I'd love to work with anyone on our cast! Everyone is just so good!"

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