Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Supernatural Gets A Spin-Off!...

Timing is everything in the film and television industry. With just a few months until Supernatural's fifth and rumored-to-be-final season airs its finale, Eric Kripke has already embarked on a spin-off project for the series. Currently shooting in Los Angeles, Ghostfacers will be a ten-episode web series starring AJ Buckley and Travis Wester. Their characters first became popular on an episode of Supernatural entitled "Hell House." Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) encountered some "do it yourself" ghostbusters while investigating a bizarre death at an abandoned but potentially haunted house.

The Ghostfacers crew (also consisting of Austin Basis who is pulling double duty now, also appearing on Life Unexpected) are going to be encountering some "real" ghosts (including one of a young starlet who was, according to legend, murdered in her dressing room at a theater). This will stay true to the original mythology of the show that demons, ghosts, and mosters do exist. However, how they manage to not bungle things up without the aide of the Winchester Brothers still remains to be seen.

Or maybe not. Maybe, just maybe, there is room for a cameo by at least one of the brothers...depending on if they meet their demise in the season five finale or not.

I am particularly excited about the timing of this web series because just the other day I was scouring the Ghostfacers website looking for a tee-shirt I could wear around LA that only the "in the know" would nod and smile at. Maybe now that those boys are finally getting their due, they will finally have one available.

And hopefully the confirmation of this spin-off will mean Kripke can leave the original television series alone, as planned, and not come back for a sixth and forced season.

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