Friday, January 1, 2010

Ugh, I Am So Over You!...

I wanted to get excited about the Sex and the City: The Movie sequel because there are so few blockbuster films I feel aimed at me (not my demographic, mind you, just me). I even went out and finally bought the DVD of the first movie when Target had it on Black Friday say for $5.99. But then this trailer hit the internet and any hopes I had managed to scrounge up, remembering the ingenuity of the HBO series, were sent right back to 1998 with the rest of my idyllic dreams.

After all, New York City has always been marketed as the "fifth friend" for Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha, and a good portion of this films seems to be devoted to removing them not just from the city or the state (previous episodes had them in Atlantic City and San Francisco, and the show was still as funny and poignant as ever) but the country, too. Four women marching side by side down a Saharan desert in designer duds isn't funny or poignant or even a little bit clever. It's just eye-roll worthy.

I expected more from this trailer, whose opening seven seconds is devoted to a skyline we have come to know and (perhaps reluctantly) love. I expected more from the stars, like Sarah Jessica Parker, who also act as producers and do not sign on unless they feel the script is up to some sort of standard (though these days, I'm beginning to think those standards just have to do with zeroes on their checks!). I expected more from a franchise that had become so near and dear to the hearts of many. We laughed with these girls; we cried with them; we matured with them. Some of us dedicated our lives to be like them while others just chose to live vicariously through them. Either way, we were the sixth friend in the show, and leaving any one of us out just feels disrespectful.

*I bet you never thought you'd hear me defend New York, huh? It really must be a new year!!

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