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Will The Nicest Guy In Hollywood Soon Be Out Of A Job?...

Matt Czuchry is the nicest guy in Hollywood. I have said that before, referring to other guys, but I think he is going to hold onto the title for a while. During a phone interview with him this week, we experienced some technical difficulties most probably due to the weather interference with our phone lines (as it was, I had to put him on speakerphone because the craziest storm I've seen since 2005 began shooting hail at, and therefore rattling, my window). Czuchry couldn't have been more gracious, apologizing time and again, even though it was by no means his fault. And he waited patiently while I repeated my rambling questions. His current show The Good Wife just got picked up for a second season (and it's star Margulies just won a Golden Globe), so I truly hope the writers Robert and Michelle King know what a gem they have on their hands and find a way to keep Czuchry and his character of Cary around for a good long while.

You have a history of playing characters that manage to tow a thin line between serious and serious partier. Cary Agos, though, seems to be more the former (though what we don't know about his personal life could probably fill episodes all to itself!) What first attracted you to the role of budding lawyer Cary?
- The script! The pilot script was a great [one], and there were already great people associated with it. The producers-- Ridley Scott, Tony Scott, David Zucker, the writers, and Julianna [Margulies] was attached at that point. The material was fantastic.

I'm sure you formulated an opinion on how to play the character just based on the material in that first script. But then learning who else you would be working opposite [Julianna, and then Christine Baranski, Josh Charles, et cetera], how did that change the way you decided to play Cary, if at all?
- When you're in scenes, so much of what my job is is to listen and react. So what Julianna gives me from her character is definitely something that changes my performance. Her ability as an actress, which you know, she's one of the finest actors we have, changes my performance just in how I react.

In the pilot, we learned that Cary and Alicia are in essence competing for one position at this law firm. Being that her character is the 'wife' in the title of the show, can you tell us how Cary gets to stick around for season two?
- You know, I haven't officially been picked up for that second season so anything is possible in regards to that contest. I will say that there are certain storylines where Cary falters under the pressure and where [he] rises above the pressure. A first associate is going to make mistakes, but you can also see his potential. There's also some stuff hinted at about them laying people off because of money situations and the economy, and that could collide...

Well being that the show is consistently winning Tuesday nights at ten, and you have brought in so much of that key 18-35 demographic networks covet, I don't think they will want to lose you or your talent!
- Aw well thank you very much.

The online fandom seems to write a lot about Cary and Kalinda's flirtation; is that something that was written or something you and Archie [Panjabi] decided to play around and have fun with?
- That's something that kind of developed in the episode that Rod Holcomb directed-- the episode titled "Conugal" (which re-ran this past Tuesday). It was just something that wasn't necessarily on the page, but Archie and I and Rod talked about putting in there a little bit. Based off of what they saw, the Kings-- the writers-- [responded well] to that interaction and added more to it.

Can you give any teasers or any spoilers about their relationship? I am sure you guys have shot a bunch of scenes and episodes that we have not yet been privy to.
- There's actually a couple of big plot points as far as that relationship is concerned, so I can't really hint at it without giving some major plot points away.

Fair enough. We've seen Cary be shrewd in the courtroom and relentless when it comes to research, but he's not so good with consoling witnesses, despite his charm. Logan Huntzberger from Gilmore Girls was just as charming but far less serious. What do you see as the major differences between these two characters that have become so popular?
- I think the main difference was Logan was pretty lost and young, and he didn't really have any idea of who he was. He was spontaneous and would do whatever he wanted for him. Cary is essentially the opposite in that he's very focused, very driven, and you know, he went to law school young and is focused on what he wants to do with his career...Cary has a maturity about him and has his sh*t together when Logan didn't.

So I take it you're not playing Cary like he has this secret personal life where he's stealing boats and taking exotic cliff-diving trips!
- Uhhhhh, no [Laughs]. There are certain things about Cary's life that are going to be revealed that are layers. There's an episode we just got finished shooting where a friend comes in from the Peace Corps, and that's a storyline there where we get to see a little bit more of his personal life in that way.

And I have to ask, the rumors have been flying ever since Amy Sherman-Palladino left Gilmore Girls in the sixth season, if there IS a Gilmore Girls movie, and they want Logan to come back, would you do it?
- I've seen things written about that on the internet, but just so everybody knows, I have not heard the first word about that-- not through my agents or managers or hasn't even been brought up.

It's a big if.
- As far as I'm concerned, it's not really anything real in my world, but that being said, anything that Amy writes is going to catch my eye, and I'm going to read it and take a look at it and see if it would make sense for me to be a part of. That was a great character to play. I care for Amy a lot; she's a great writer, so if she were to write something that's definitely something I'm going to pay attention to.

How would you want things to play out for Logan and Rory?
- It's so up in the air as far as the whole world because there's so many ways it could play out...First and foremost the show was always about Alexis [Bledel] and Lauren [Graham], and so that relationship is the most important one, and then each of their boyfriends and fathers is the periphery to that so a lot would depend on where those two characters are in their lives to see who makes sense to be there. Milo [Ventimiglia], Jared Padalecki, and myself, we were the three major boyfriends for Rory, so it would really depend on where her character is in life to see if one or any of us is the right fit...It's really just too complicated to say where I'd want my particular character to be just because Amy could create a whole new world if she wanted to.

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