Thursday, January 28, 2010

With "The Wyoming Project" in the Works, What Does That Mean For A "Gilmore Girls" Reunion?...

Amy Sherman-Palladino will not be outdone.

Three years ago, her "baby," Gilmore Girls
went off the air after seven seasons. That last year she and her husband Daniel were not involved in the writing but the network opted to keep the show going without the original creators' input, writing, and direction. Sherman-Palladino didn't get to end the series the way she said she always had in mind.

However, now she is back and trying her hand at television again through a new pilot script called The Wyoming Project. Set on a horse ranch in the titular state, The Wyoming Project features small cast of characters when compared to the fictional world of Stars Hollow (at least so far). Gideon (like in the Bible, as one character likes to point out) is the patriarch of his newly orphaned family at only twenty-two years of age. He has taken over running the ranch while his teenage sister has taken over running the house and caring for their even younger siblings.

Gideon seems to be all about just getting through one thing to get onto another...until a stranger from New York shows up. Wearing a cowboy hat fresh off the rack (with tags still on), Lucy steps off a plane from New York to care for her (assumedly) bedridden grandmother who has just suffered a stroke. With her grandmother actually in fine health and unwilling to take on a houseguest (think Mrs. Kim but even pricklier), Lucy isn't quite sure with what she'll fill her days, but she knows she doesn't want to go back to New York.

Lucy is not the only complication entered into Gideon's way of life, though. He has a local businessman trying to buy some of his land, a college-educated brother who doesn't want to come home to help the family, and a much easier time relating to horses than people.

With things looking much better for The Wyoming Project
than Sherman-Palladino's last television attempt (The Return of Jezebel James) it just appears that she will be moving on, rather than stepping back into her once beloved Gilmore Girls' world to try to tie up the characters a bit more permanently and to do them more justice. Though in the past Sherman-Palladino has said [a reunion] is not something she'd completely rule out, her one-time star, Matt Czuchry, admitted in an interview last week that such a thing is not a real possibility at this time.

"I've seen things written about that on the internet, but just so everybody knows, I have not heard the first word about that-- not through my agents or managers or hasn't even been brought up," Czuchry explained.

Besides, Alexis Bledel is still trying to be a movie star, off promoting The Good Guy, and Lauren Graham is co-starring in Parenthood for NBC. But fans of her writing style on Gilmore Girls will definitely want to tune into The Wyoming Project to get their fix of fast-talking, spunky characters!

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