Friday, February 12, 2010

Breaking News: "Days of our Lives" Will Pay Tribute to Frances Reid...

Earlier in the month when I posted about my sadness that Frances Reid had passed away, I made it a point to say I hoped the show would pay tribute to her in a way that fit a legend, instead of what they often do when they kill off characters. Today Soap Opera Digest and Ken Corday announced that Days of our Lives would, in fact, give her passing more due than just a simple on-screen funeral.

In fact for the first time since the early 2000s, the character of Alice Horton will be featured in a major storyline when members of the family get word that she is very ill. One by one they will return home to say their respects-- both characters currently living in Salem, as well as some beloved one who have since left. They will interact with each other, obviously, since they cannot interact with Reid. And of course each character will share their memories of Mrs. Horton, which will make for many flashback sequences.

Corday announced that because their writing is so far ahead of what they air, these scenes, and the subsequent "internal funeral service" will not air until the end of May sweeps. This should give current fans plenty of time to prepare, and similarly, it will give past fans, too, a chance to come back for it.

I know I will be tuning in, and if any other LA fans want to hold a viewing "service" where we share our own memories of Mrs. Horton, let me know, and we'll set something up.

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