Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Breaking News: Louden Swain WILL Perform at Creation's "Salute to Supernatural"...

I have been pushing for Rob Benedict (Chuck the Prophet)'s band Louden Swain to play the opening night concert of Creation Entertainment's LA "Salute to Supernatural" convention ever since I saw them do a set at the Mint for the release of their newest album.

When, last month, it was announced that Benedict would be appearing at the convention-- on Friday-- I thought it was looking good, but the publicity folks at Creation remained mum. Today, though, the band announced via Twitter that they were in fact confirmed and the official website would be making the announcement shortly.

These guys rock-- and they rock hard-- musically but also just as awesome human beings. They were super generous in donating some autographed CDs and tee-shirts for my non profit's wine tasting event back in January, and they have even expressed interest in playing a charity concert for us as well. They are accommodating, easy to work with, genuinely nice guys who also have a killer talent. And I could not be more excited that they are the band chosen this year. Nothing against Steve Carlson or Jason Manns-- they are both very talented, as well. But Benedict is actually on the show, so it makes a bit more sense that he'd get to showcase his "other" gig in a room full of Supernatural fans.

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