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Cryptic Words About Lost's Final Episodes Revealed At PaleyFest...

With the remaining episodes of ABC's Lost quickly ticking down to the end, the thoughts and questions on everyone's mind at their PaleyFest 2010 panel on Saturday evening in Beverly Hills all had to do with just how many of the show's mysteries would be resolved. Greatly for this reason (but also due in part to the fact that the show is currently shooting in Hawaii), the majority of the panel was made up of the show's writers and producers, including creators Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. Joining them in the "hot seats" were Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis, Liz Sarnoff, and director/producer Jack Bender (formerly of The Sopranos fame). The actors who made the journey in the gloomy weather were none other than Terry O'Quinn, Michael Emerson, and two who may have some 'splainin' to do about how really old and wise they are: Nestor Carbonell and Zuleikha Robinson.

The evening kicked off with a quick (two-minute) clip from an upcoming episode the panel was calling "Iceberg," that featured Sayid, Miles, Dogen, and Claire. Miles explains to Sayid, packing his things after being banished from the temple, that he was dead for a full two hours and when he finally came back to life, everyone was equally surprised. He leaves Sayid with an ominous "whatever brought you back..." Claire storms into the scene declaring that "he" (aka "her friend" aka Not!Locke) wants to see Dogen outside, but Dogen responds he cannot do that or he will surely be killed. Claire tells him to send someone that "he" won't kill then. And we cut to black leaving the audience wanting oh so much more.

Moderated by funnyman and self-proclaimed Lostie, Paul Scheer, the record hour and forty-five minute long panel provided plenty of laughs, a few answers, and of course even more intrigue. I'd like to share with you the funny story O'Quinn told of hitching a ride in Hawaii one day only to have the guy drive him to his house to "show him" to his wife, or the funny questions Scheer was submitted via Twitter that he read aloud but didn't ask the group to dignify with answers, but I know that's not why you're all logging on. So let's cut right to the chase and try to dig out all of the spoilers of the evening then, shall we? (And please forgive me if I miss one or two; as someone who has not seen every episode of the show-- I know, for shame!-- some things may have went over my head.)

The finale episode will be written next week. They are currently shooting episode fifteen with sixteen coming up close behind and probably overlapping in a day or so. There will be a total of eighteen episodes to make up this sixth and final season.

Cuse discussed in detail some things that won't be resolved, such as the significance of the man Sayid shot on the golf course and anything further with Anna, Ben's one-time love. However, when asked about the bird that flew by and seemed to be saying Hurley (for those extremely attentive viewers!), he admitted that "Actually a few birds have said Hurley!" Rewind your DVDs, folks, because that will be explained. Does that make Hurley the ultimate candidate, then, if even the wildlife seems to know his name? The creators wouldn't say, nor would they completely reveal the truth about Jacob's list. "The way it always played to me," Cuse started, "was that everything Ben says has an undercurrent of half-truth to it. And the concept was revealed through Ben, in his re-telling, so it could just be one of his lies."

Coming Up on the Island:

Lindelof clarified that Jacob was telling the truth and someone is coming to the island.

Lindelof said that if one word was allowed to sum up the last few episodes, it would be "water." Marinate on that one...

O'Quinn is currently playing "a guy you won't see until the final episode."

To date the Smoke Monster has never taken the form of anything but a human-- despite what a freeze frame when the bus hits Juliet's husband may look like-- but the idea of the Smoke Monster having the ability to take an inanimate form caused Lindelof to smirk: "Like if when Hurley was driving the VW crazily it was because of the Smoke Monster?" If he doesn't already have something planned for this, it would appear he may be thinking about it now!

Flash Sideways:

Jack is married to someone we have seen before. Lindelof clarified that it's Sarah. Since Jack is currently married to Sarah in the flash sideways, she is not David's mom, as it has already been established that Jack shares custody of David with his biological mom.

Did Desmond switch seats or simply disappear from Oceanic Flight 815? The answer will be revealed on an upcoming episode that has already been shot!

Alan Dale is still confused by his character of Widmore. The present tense use of verbs from Bender led most in the crowd to assume his character will make another appearance.

The writers admitted they cut themselves a raw deal with the character of Walt (Malcolm David Kelly) because he was such an integral part of the first two seasons, but the actor's natural aging process upset things slightly. They admitted they are trying to work him back in before the end, and we will definitely see Vincent again!

Lindelof also discussed the apparent lack of homosexual characters on the show (other than Mr. Friendly). Though he admitted he wished they had added more diversity in general in the beginning, he also pointed out that there's is a "pretty chaste show," in that the characters "aren't necessarily thinking sexually while they're running from the smoke monster!" Therefore, there are characters that currently exist within the world of Lost that easily could be gay, and it has just never come up.

Separately, when asked about a supposed upcoming hitman project, O'Quinn simply shrugged off the question since it didn't pertain to the show everyone came out that evening to honor. Emerson had a little more fun with the idea, though: "It's a thing we might do on a street corner or in a church basement!" He laughed. O'Quinn then got into it and added: "On the curb...gradually working our way to Broadway."

And what's up for the rest of the panel after Lost comes to a (bittersweet) end? Cuse said that they won't be discussing the show any further once the episode airs on May 23rd, preferring instead to "leave it up to discussion and interpretation, as always" among the fans.

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